"Making Love"
by John Klemmer
(from the CD "Making Love" [Vol. I.] )
Making Love is holding a tiny child in your arms
Making Love is holding the hand of a dear friend as they take thiner last breath of life on this earth
Making Love is rescuing & giving shelter to a bird with a broken wing
Making Love...
Everyone & everything, large & small, is constantly Making Love
If not............
They should be...
Making Love

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

"Last Summer's Spell"
By John Klemmer
(from the CD "Intensity")
No words can tell
Of last summer's spell
Heavens hopeful future
And heartbreak's hell
Young heart's & tender dreams
Of all life's precious scenes
How soon we learned how perfection slightly leans
No shadows planned, no pains to live
But like the sun whose energies give
Last summer's spell
Rose and fell

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

by John Klemmer
(from "The Very Best of  John Klemmer)
"When we look we see. When we see we know. When we know we hear. When we hear it's clear. When it's clear it's done."

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

(From the CD "Touch")
"Touch takes two or one each that feels"

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

by John Klemmer
(from the CD "Cry" [Solo Sax I.] )
"Let the Waters of your Soul Flow-from joy or from Pain-clear Human liquid like a Spring Mornings Rain. Cleanse yourself by taking the risk-open your Heart and move closer to a True  Emotional Bliss."

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

by John Klemmer
(from the CD "Hush")
When all the world is still
I can really think & feel
I can breath and I can cry
When all the world is still
My soul is quiet & at peace
When all the world is still
My passion rises to the surface
When all the world is still
When all the world is still

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

by John Klemmer
(from the CD "Brazilia")
Hot sun and warm breezy evenings
relaxed lazy days with smooth syncopated
rhythms. Thought space to dream and love
smile and cry. Time to think of things
you'll never do. Ocean breaths that rush
softly and strongly against sands of centuries.

Old men telling tales of wisdom and truth.
Joy and laughter with the community of
man in a carnival of freedom. Open blue
skies to fly with the birds. Exotic scents that
pull you into mind and body.

This is Brazilia.
Geographically located
behind the eyes and between the ears.
It's all in the way you see and feel it.

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

"All I Ever Wanted Was My Life"
(Lyrics from the CD "Life" [Solo Sax II])
Time to hear the ocean
Time to see the sky
Time to close my eyes
Just to feel
Just be real

A chance to learn and grow
A place that I call home
A woman and child my own
Just for me
Just be free

A star to reach for
So little yet much more
Something I can really hold on to

A love I take with me
A hand to lead me

All I ever wanted was my life
All I ever wanted was my life

Time to work and play
Time to think and grow
Time to search and know
Who I am
If I can

A chance to find my soul
To understand my role

All I ever wanted was my life.
All I ever wanted was my life.

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

"The Rain Is The Tears Of My God For Me"
(Lyrics from the CD "Life" [Solo Sax II])
The Rain Is The Tears Of My God For Me
He Weeps As He Sees Me Ever Struggling For Him, For Him
The Sweet Cool Water Gently Washes My Soul, My Pain
The Rain Is The Tears Of My God For Me
For Me, For Me

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

(From the CD "Barefoot Ballet")
If you listen you can hear your heart beat
If you listen you can hear your blood rush
If you listen you can hear yourself

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

(from the cd "Arabesque")
"When do you let yourself know that you know?"

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

"Magnificent Madness"
(from the  cd  "Magnificent Madness")
The insanity that's sane
The unreality that's real
The ecstasy of totally letting go to
The Magnificent Madness of Love

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

(from the  cd  "Magnificent Madness")
In times of trouble, or any time really when you just don't know who you are-where you're going or what's happening
there's only one thing you can hang on to and that is yourself and what is in inside you
so it's so important that the one thing you really never forsake or lose
Is your Heart
never ever lose
your Heart

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

("Lifestyle" liner notes .pdf download)

(Liner notes from the cd "Lifestyle")


Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

Time and history tells and shows aiL Where we have been and where we might go. It provides insight to ourselves, other people and the world in which we live. For us it can provide the opportunity to judge our actions and motivations and perhaps give us a glimpse into the future. Retrospect for prophecy. It is crucial in giving us a sense of self. History and time are frozen in art. It serves as an in depth study of who and what we are. Great art stands the test of time even if it is to be discovered at a much later age. Like sculpture, painting and architecture; composition, audio recordings are stationary entities to be experienced again and again. New experiences can be there at each new encounter with the work.

The compositions and performances in "Mosaic" is pieces of my life and emotions as well as selections from different recordings. They were born out of love, quiet, hard work and commitment. A passion to create. Striving for innovation.

To conceive the music for "Touch" and "Barefoot Ballet" that make up "Mosaic", "the best of", I took some years off and did not record or perform. I kept myself as quiet as possible and just read, studied, slept and composed. (Peaceful all night vigils at the piano.) I went back and re-discovered the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm. Not only in music but in life as well. (In one sense I am not a musician. Music is only my vehicle.) I did a complete re-assessment of myself as a person and artist as well as life, society & existence itself.

Out of this fertile time came an understanding and desire of beauty, simplicity and peace. It brought about a deep sense of who I was, what I loved and what I did best especially in a world of ever increasing change and stress.
"Touch" and the  recordings that followed were theme and development concepts. Simple melodic compositions that lent themselves to improvisation. Platforms for expression. Free places to exist. The Saxophone as vocalist. The sound of the "eternal echo" my piano. Effective simplicity for freedom of complexity. Music that melts into you rather than attack you. Honesty and directness for the utmost power in communication. Un-compromising honesty. Setting a fixed place for spontaneity in advance. Ninety percent of this music was improvised.

There was a true beauty to the camaraderie between the musicians, producer and engineer. An effortless flow. Most of the recordings were done in four or five sessions. The long agony of birth & the short delivery.

Much was learned from the response and success of this music: Society's fear of tenderness, feeling and intimacy, yet, at the same time, a longing so desperately for it. The confusion between sensuality and sexuality. Our Inability to be quiet and still yet the need for it. The joy of giving pleasure to others and yourself. The potential for beauty and humanness in us all. Our need to love and be loved. "Touched" if you will. A need for romance, dreams, closeness and quality. Antidotes to anxiety. A flower in the cement. .

Through the attempt to soothe others I am soothing myself. In trying to teach I learn. On a certain deep level what is good for one is good for all. A universal connection.

This package represents only one phase of my music. Through this fantastic invention known as "a record" I give you myself.

Heart and soul for time and history.

John Klemmer

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

Music. The sound of my tears hitting my heart. The feel of my soul reaching, cracking, & breaking. This place of truth and perfection that no one can touch. My mind connected to my body. Swelling 'till it bursts. It's all for you. It's all for you. Everything I have to give until I can't give anymore. 'Till my head hurts. There's no price tag on it. From the pit of my stomach and groin directly to your heart and mind. The sound. The note for its own sake. Just for its own sake. Nothing else. For no other reason. A symbol of the effort and work to stay in the love, stay in the love, stay in the tears that keep me moist from the cruelty of this world to find the tiny seed that is all of us. The whisper pulling us together into one note & one sound even if only for a moment. How much more could we really take?

If you could only see what I see through the eyes of a child. Through the sweat. To this place that is not of this world yet is all of this world. Music. The artist for whom the whole world is a lover and an enemy. It's all so unbelievably simple, it's just one thing. That note.

Music. If not for now then forever. Beyond greed, competition, jealousy, possessions, hatred, sorrow, mindlessness & destruction, where there's nothing to lose, nothing to gain but, for its time, just, what is, what's good, what's right, what hurts, what feels & what's real. My being bleeds for me and you. That's what it's for. The pain is as real as the love. Don't think. Feel. The emotions. The endless place of ideas. The music. Carved out of granite with bloody hands from fighting through the thorny bushes who lie and say, "I love you".

The Music. This place we think is unreal is the real place. The real world. Surrendering & sacrificing it all, the ego and the pride, to surrender completely to the sound, to the music. It can't be what it should be, it can only be what it is. Compared to nothing. Uniquely itself in its own sound. Each in its own music. In its own skin. The "music". The oneness in the madness. The madness of millions of "musics" not hearing each other. The "music". The frightening passion of being lost & gone for a moment in the truth. "Music." Hope. Higher & higher until it bursts in a million pieces and rains and showers you with the dust of sound. The beauty of wanting and needing nothing except for itself. Cut through. Cut through. Break through to "it,". To the place that changes the moment you find it. Truly alone for the terrifying moment where you see it. You see it all and it overwhelms you, It seduces you. It devours you. It melts and calms you and gives you an energy you can't control. You know. You feel. You pulse with the unbelievable awareness that...

"Music is in everything and everyone if only we can hear it! "

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

[Lyrics by John Klemmer]
You Are Music
Violins playing deep in my soul
A love song ever playing
You Are Music
Soft guitars playing sheer harmony
An orchestra of diamonds

You're magic you're sunshine
You're firelight in the night
You're the future you're like crystal
You're everything I need & love

You Are Music
Melodies that caress every thought
A symphony of roses
You Are Music
Tender words I can hold in my arms
A masterpiece in rhythm

And with every beat of my heart
I long for your touch
And with every breath that I take
I live to tell you how I feel

You Are Music
Every note gentle sighs from your hands
A ballet of love & laughter
You Are Music
Like a voice holding life in each breath
A concerto in a garden

You're Music
You're Music
Oh You Are Music
You Are Music To Me

You Are Music

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

The Saxophone Player
sometimes like a man, sometimes like a child always human, always, there
The Saxophone Player
sometimes tender, sometimes intense always from the guts, always the emotion
The Saxophone Player
from the groin, from the tears, from the Horn/Body, trying to eat the Sound/Life, breathing in and out for the Feel/Bath
The Saxophone Player
the product of all that's been heard, felt, seen and experienced, moving hopefully, to, uniqueness
The Saxophone Player
It is everything & nothing but what it is. Does it have to be more?
The Saxophone Player
What is-what was -is-
The Saxophone Player

Copyright 2006 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

(liner notes & prose from the cd "Eruptions")
Music & Total Creation has always been my Motivation
It has been My Savior & Guide
To it I owe my High & My Pain
The Movement of Sound & Colors through my mind has touched my fingers.
They move with the Love & Desire equal to that of a newborn child's passion for Nature & Growth
I hold the Faith that Art & Passion shall overcome All

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

"The Question Always Is"
       (from the recording "Live In L.A.")
"..........and the question always is;
"What do you play next?"

Copyright 2008 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

       (by John Klemmer)

"Live life fully & alive without shyness, embarrassment nor fear & live & lust for the moment you're in & the moment yet to come. Laugh, cry, make love as you choose. Feel & act on your passions without reservation or judgment by yourself nor anyone else & grab the minutes as they appear for it shall never come your way again. Force yourself if you must to create a habit of living life fully, accepting & taking advantage of the gifts & blessings that come your way, if, one is fortunate to have such blessings come along a time or two in ones life, as, for many, not even one special blessing ever comes along in their Life. Make the most of the Love, in all it's forms, the sustenance of life. For Love is Life & Life is Love, and, in the final moments of Life, we find, after a lifetime of hard work, success's, frustrations, pain, struggle & all the monumental distractions of surviving this phenomenon called Life & Living, that, The Love, after all, was & is, all there really is & ever was, all along the way & at The End. Can we remember that as we take our long journey through this maze of experiences & situations thrust upon us as we travel this road of twists & curves that is called, being alive?
Can we remember, no matter what, that in each moment we can find a grain of sand of Love in everything & in most everything? Forgiveness, compassion & understanding we carry with us as each challenge that comes our way. Lust for your Life & Passions both Spiritual or Physical. Never let it slip through our fingers & get away. Be brave & take it as yours & own it. It all is a Gift given to us for what & why we do not yet know. Is it really important if even possible to know? But it exists. It is there. Every waking & sleeping moment. Waiting for us to seize & claim what belongs to us as Human Beings in a World we inhabit, truly & really, in the end, living in it all alone, reaching out to others & receiving the touch of comfort & companionship, to help us along our way".

Copyright 2009 John Klemmer/Remohj Music

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