John Klemmer Biography & Addendum (pdf download)


"More than will ever be able to properly portray, Klemmer is quick, smart, funny, highly observant, still seeking musical truth, and the possessor of one of the worlds most facile minds, but, to know this all you have to do is listen to his music. It would be almost impossible to plan out a career as multi-varied, historically important or musically significant in music than the one tenor saxophonist & composer John Klemmer has led. Few if any have followed their musical muse into uncharted waters with the strength of conviction John Klemmer always shows. His career as a solo artist, performer & composer, creating new concepts & production styles & his musical creations, reach a wide Pop and R&B audience, as well as Jazz & Smooth Jazz fans, as, the creation & advent of smooth jazz is directly attributed to Klemmer & his "Touch" series of recordings, plus, & his pioneering, innovative & unique solo saxophone recordings & achievements with his use of electronic effects and his incredibly vast & valuable catalog of music compositions performed by himself as well as many others stand."
Abbreviated; By Thomas Erdmann from The Saxophone Journal

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